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May 27, 2013


Sunday saw the Hi-tec Australian Swift Racing Series compete in it's first ever 1 Hour Mini Enduro. No one knew what to expect with the recently refurbished Phillip Island being notoriously hard on tyres and no fuel stops question marks were raised on how the Achilles Tyres would handle the punishment of what was undoubtedly going to turn into a One Hour Long Sprint race and if Driver's would have to turn to fuel conservation to finish the race. Driver's had planned ahead saving their best tyres for the final race and filling the cars to the brim and then just a little more to be on the safe side.

With the Swift's running in a track share arrangement with the Australian Manufacturers Championship (AMC)  the Swifts were going to be faced with the battle of cars approaching from behind very quickly. What no one expected was that Phillip Island would add it's own little twist to the race. With the Swifts starting 10 seconds behind the AMC cars the Swift Drivers had been planning their race strategies around how best to minimalise any time loss from the leading Auschamp cars attempting to thread their way through the Swift field. Little did they know what a twist the rain would add to the race. Within 2 laps the leading Swifts of Andrew Price (Race 4 Kids) and Luke Fraser (CLS Finance) had caught the trailing AMC cars while doing battle themselves.

Fast Forward to a few laps later and the Swifts had found themselves doing battle with BMW's, Mini Coopers and GT Falcons leaving many of them for dead with the Achilles Tyres and the light agile Swifts proving to be a surprise package in the opening wet laps. Luke Fraser, Andrew Price and Benjamin Grice (Finance Ezi) managed to work their way up to 9th, 10th and 11th respectively in the overall standings with Callan Sayers (Shannons Nationals) and Allan Jarvis (Achilles Tyres) doing battle not too far behind.

Heading into the later stages of the race with minutes quickly counting down Grice mounted a charge on the leading Swift of Fraser. While Price fell back into the grasps of Jarvis and Sayers to battle it out for third. The winner of the race by the narrowest of margins, a mere .07 seconds was Fraser keeping a cool head to lead out Grice as they finished side by side over the finish line at the end of an epic One Hour Battle. The battle for Third was no less intense with Sayers narrowly edging out Price in 4th and Jarvis in 5th. At the end of the race many of the AMC Driver's came to congratulate the Swift Driver's on their outstanding wet weather pace.