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Aug 11, 2014


Stuart Kostera and Garry Holt have secured a pair of race victories in Queensland this weekend in the #20 Eastern Creek Karts Mitsubishi Evo X, backing up last night’s Fight in the Night win with success in this afternoon’s race.

After a frantic 200 kilometre sprint, Kostera (A) took the checkered flag ahead of Beric Lynton (A), Grant Sherrin (B), Jake Camilleri (C) and Mark Eddy (C); while Kevin Herben was the first Class D entrant home, crossing the line in tenth.

While not able to finish the race, Aaron Seton again drew praise from across the track with an impressive drive aboard the #33 Pro Duct Mitsubishi Evo X. Seton started off the 66 laps with a nail-biting side-by-side battle through the opening corners with Holt, before going on to lead the majority of the race before a mechanical flag for a loose exhaust saw him brought into the lane, and out of the race, with just nine laps to go.

Also turning heads was Lynton and the #40 Alphera Financial Services BMW 1M which had been repaired overnight thanks to a valiant effort by his BMW crew necessitated by last night’s incident which saw his team-mate Tony Alford unable to start today’s race in his #54 Donut King BMW 1M.

Despite starting from the rear of the grid, Lynton took advantage of a good start to advance to be amongst the top three within the opening laps and was in the box seat to win with just laps remaining. It wasn’t to be however, with a late fuel stop seeing him follow Kostera home to the flag for second outright and second in class.

Failing to finish in Class A were the #22 Melbourne Performance Centre Mitsubishi Evo X of Robert and Shane Marshall, and the #55 Kintyre Racing Audi TT RS of Matthew Cherry. The Victorian father and son had overcome a five second penalty for moving on the start to be third when a suspected blown head gasket intervened with 20 laps to go, while Cherry’s entry was retired 10 laps later with suspected mechanical issues for the brand new car.

Third outright and taking their fourth Class B victory of the year were brothers Grant and Iain Sherrin, with the pair persevering despite being down on horsepower in the #18 Sherrin Rentals BMW135i.

The Sherrin team had been set for a Class 1-2, but when David Ayres brought the #19 Sherrin BMW135i he shares with Michael Sherrin into the pit lane on the last lap, they were classed as a non-finisher with pit exit closed as the checkered flag was waved.

Taking second for Class B instead was the #28 GWS Personnel BMW of Peter O’Donnell and Anthony Gilbertson, despite some wild trips around the outside of turn 6 by Gilbertson on the final two laps. Third for Class Be went to the #11 Lovton Coal Falcon FG FPV GT of Michael Benton and Geoff Russell, with Russell bringing the car home in seventh outright. Benton later said he was very happy with the car’s performance following a large overnight repair job necessitated by its large incident during yesterday’s Fight in the Night.

In Class C, Camilleri dominated the race from start to finish in the #36 Grand Prix Mazda supported Mazda 3 while the #88 Network Clothing/Dentbuster Renault Megane of Francois Jouy and Mark Eddy put in a strong performance to come home fifth outright and second in class. The Ric Shaw/Michael Sloss #345 Sennheiser/Ric Shaw Racing BMW 130i came home third for the class, ahead of the #13 Osborne Motorsport Mazda of Colin Osborne and Nick Lange. Fifth for the class was the #34 AAW/Casabene Ford Falcon XR6T of George Karadimas and Michael Gray, with each driver suffering a blown tyre throughout the 66 laps, with the pair pitting three times on their journey to the flag.

In Class D, the always colourful Herben overcame a five second time penalty in the #14 Kandi Warehousing Honda Integra DC5 to take the class win, despite plenty of challenges being mounted by the #86 Pedders/Grafico Toyota 86 of Grant Phillips and Andrew Turpie.

The Toyota pair were supported at the track today by a contingent of Toytoa 86 enthusiasts and lead a large portion of the race, but after a flurry of pit stops found themselves crossing the line for second in Class after taking the class win the night before.

Third for Class D was the sister car to Herben’s Honda – the #21 Disc Brakes Australia Honda Integra of Bronte Michael and Gus Robbins, which came home third for the class after Michael was earlier warned with a bad sportsmanship flag for crossing the blend line into turn one.

Just one round now remains for the 2014 Australian Manufacturers Championship, with the field to head to Wakefield Park across 17-19 October 2014. For more information, please go to


Class A and Outright winner - #20 Eastern Creek Karts Mitsubishi Evo X of Stuart Kostera and Garry Holt

Garry Holt

“It was a great performance, the night race last night was a great race and this round was definitely the hardest round to win - we had to push all the way and drive it like a sprint race for both races, until unfortunately Aaron (Seton) had the problem and the (mechanical) flag and eased off. We were worried about Beric (Lynton) at the end there as we didn’t think he had to come in for fuel, so we thought he was going to win it and then he came in for fuel. Stuie (Kostera) did a great job, the team did a great job, and we were very lucky. No one knows this, but we were very lucky to finish at (Sydney Motorsport Park) as we had blown a motor and we only just got to the finish line, so we were worried about the engine. That was three engines in a row - three race meetings, three engines - so we are on the limit as far as pushing the car, but that is what we have to do. So I guess we were unlucky the first two rounds and now these two we have been lucky, so hopefully we can keep this up for Wakefield park!”

Stuart Kostera

“The weekend was a great result, our strategy was really just to go for second today as we knew (Aaron) Seton would be real quick and he was, so I said to Garry (we would try to) come in in second in your stint and we can see what I can do out there. I think (Aaron Seton) had about a 15 second lead on us before he had his problems, so it would have been a tough ask for us to win, but we had bad luck at the start of the year and it looks like he has our bad luck now. The whole weekend was great, and now I am looking forward to going to Wakefield – I have never been there, everyone keeps telling me it is a great little track so I am looking forward to going there and having a go.”

Class B winners and third outright - #18 Sherrin Rentals BMW135i of Grant and Iain Sherrin

Grant Sherrin

“We are stoked actually, we had the car issues of course but we still got third and the class win. Iain did a great stint at the start and kept up with the main guys and stayed on that lap and we just came in with our strategy, had one tank of fuel and we got through and got the class win!”

Iain Sherrin

“I am really happy, it was great. To have another class win means we have stayed on the podium all year for the class and to have outright podium and to be leading the championship with one round to go – we couldn’t be happier! I am absolutely looking forward to Wakefield, we know what we need to do, we would dearly love to be on the top step of the podium outright but at the end of the day you have to be there all through the year and do well through the year, and that is what we want to do.”

Class C winner and fourth outright – #36 Grand Prix Mazda Mazda 3 MPS – Jake Camilleri

“The reliability is back, that was the biggest issue that we have overcome the last year or so, that is what we have been working on. It was just faultless this weekend, we had a couple of little issues last night but we overcame them, so we are really happy. We had good speed, up against the outright cars, so it was good, and I can’t wait to Wakefield!”

Class D winner - #14 Kandi Warehousing Honda Integra DC5 – Kevin Herben

“I really wanted to seal up the championship this weekend, I thought it was possible, but credit to (the Pedders/Grafico team), they did really well. Here is credit to Conroy Motorsports and Steve Kennett-Tribe for looking after the car and getting it here – it is a long way from Penrith! I also want to thank Sarah Harley for her great work in the pit stop, I think that is what did it for us on the day. Congratulations to the Toyota, I hope we beat them at Wakefield – I really want to win the championship now! And thanks to all the Toyota fans on the hill for sending me bad vibes every time I went past!” laughed Herben.



  1. 1. #20  Eastern Creek Karts Mitsubishi Evo 10 - G.Holt/S.Kostera
  2. 2. #33  #40  Alphera Financial Services BMW1M - Beric Lynton
  3. 3. #18  Sherrin Rentals BMW 135i - G.Sherrin/I.Sherrin
  4. 4. #36  Grand Prix Mazda Mazda 3 MPS - Jake Camilleri
  5. 5. #88  Network Clothing/Dentbuster Renault Megane - M.Eddy/F.Jouy
  6. 6. #28  GWS Personnel BMW 335i - Peter O'Donnell/Andrew Gilbertson    #55
  7. 7. #11  Lovton Coal Falcon FG FPV GT – Geoff Russell/Michael Benton
  8. 8. #35  Sennheiser/Ric Shaw Racing BMW130i - R.Shaw/M.Sloss
  9. 9. #13  Osborne Motorsport Mazda 3 MPS - C.Osborne/N.Lange

10. #14  Kandi Warehousing Honda Integra DC5 - Kevin Herben

11. #86  Pedders/Grafico Toyota 86 GTS - G.Phillips/A.Turpie

12. #21  Disc Brakes Australia Honda Integra DC5 - B.Michael/G.Robbins

13. #34  AAW Australian Auto Wreckers Ford Falcon XR6T - G.Karadimas/M.Gray

DNF. #19  Sherrin Rentals BMW135i - Michael Sherrin/David Ayres

DNF. Pro Duct Mitsubishi Evo 10 - Aaron Seton

DNF. Kintyre Racing Audi TT RS - Matthew Cherry

DNF. 22  Melbourne Performance Centre Mitsuibishi Evo 10 - S.Marshall/R.

DNS. #54  Donut King BMW1M - Tony Alford

DNS. #87  Gosford European Car Services Renault Clio - F.Donniaux/C.

For full results and championship points, please go to