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Aug 6, 2015


22-year-old Victorian Hamish Hardeman makes a one-off return to racing in the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Australia fourth round at Queensland Raceway this weekend.

Hardeman, now a fully qualified carpenter, will change his tools of the trade from turning wood to turning wheels as he joins his Sonic Motor Racing Services (and series leader Ryan Simpson) for his Porsche debut.

“I can’t tell you how excited I am about this,” says the hard charging Formula Ford racer, “it’s been quite a while since I’ve been on track because I’ve been busy working on sponsorship funding for my program.”

Wary but not daunted by his impending debut in the unique Porsche competition the Mornington Peninsula racer is more than anything just delighted to be suiting up in the nomex once more.

“This wouldn’t be possible without Adina Apartments and Wild Planet Offroad. I’m very grateful for their support and I’m looking forward to representing them with pride this weekend.”

Although it’s diving into the deep end to race a Porsche for the first time Hardeman does have significant Queensland Raceway experience up his sleeve and success in his Formula Ford there.

“It was this time exactly last year that we got a race and a round win at QR in the Formula Ford,” he recalls, “so it’s a bonus to come back here with some laps and some confidence under my belt even if it’s not in a Porsche.”

Hardeman will also be able to draw heavily on the experience and talent of his Sonic teammate Ryan Simpson – the Sydneysider who is taking the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Australia world by storm.

“Ryan definitely has these cars sorted out. He’s fast and he has a great understanding of how to get the best from them. Between Ryan and the Sonic boys there’s a great opportunity for me to learn and to really get into it.”

Hamish makes no bones about the fact that he’s looking for this weekend to be the start of bigger things.

“I’m hoping for a really encouraging weekend at QR that will hopefully lead me to a more consistent program for the rest of the year. I’m working hard on the sponsorship and marketing side of my racing and it’s my intention to prove my value both on and off the track.”

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