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Jun 10, 2016

Macrow quickest on Fast Friday - and there's more to come...


Formula 3 drivers are well under the lap record, and there’s more to come tomorrow after fast Friday at Winton.

Tim Macrow stopped the clocks officially at a 1.16:1516 in Practice 2, under the Formula 3 lap record, but there’s more speed to come in the Alpine Motorsports Dallara/Mercedes. Perhaps over two seconds, putting the 15-year outright lap record in danger.

“The track was really dirty (in Practice 3), especially coming out of the sweeper.”

The championship leading Alpine Motorsports team were among many teams who changed gear ratios between sessions today, as the enhanced grip of the track led the teams to higher terminal speeds on the straights, even on used Kumho rubber.

Second on the combined session times was Roland Legge (#8 PowerTx R-Tek Motorsport Dallara/Mercedes). “We didn’t show our proper pace there in Practice 3 when the tyres got old, but we’re close to the front.”

It was a similar story at McDonalds Gilmour Racing, with the “Cooma Express”, Christopher Anthony coming to grips with a circuit he’s never been to before at the same time.

“It’s a tough track to learn. Tim (Macrow) sets a high standard, and by the end of the day on pretty used tyres we’re only 2-tenths off, so we’re happy.”

The sessions were relatively incident free, with all drivers testing the limits of the new asphalt. Anthony locked the rear wheels in Practice 1, spinning the car at Turn 11, while Legge spun at Turn 7 in Practice 2, bringing out the red flag.

Ross McAlpine (Formula Race Car Association Dallara/Renault) brought Practice 3 to a halt after a spin in the grass at Turn 6. “The new track has amazing grip, right until that moment when you run out of grip. The wet grass has just as much grip as it used to have though!”, he quipped. 

Cameron Shields (#73 McDonalds Gilmour Racing Dallara/Mercedes) was the fastest National class runner, ahead of Nathan Kumar (#7 Bluechip Taxation Dallara/Opel Spiess).

Cars are back on circuit for All Properties Group Qualifying Saturday at 10:45am, followed by Race 1 at 1:15pm, where the outright lap record will be under threat if the track is dry. Entry for spectators at Winton Motor Raceway is free all weekend.

“If the track plays ball, that time is definitely in the car on a fresh Kumho rubber.” said Macrow.