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Sep 6, 2016



When the Australian Sports Racer Series heads to Phillip Island for their fourth round this weekend, the series will use rolling-starts instead of their traditional standing starts.

The rolling starts will also be employed at the final round in Sydney in November.

Category manager Liam Curkpatrick believes it will create an exciting mix for the series introducing the new starting procedure.

"At the start of the year we decided to do rolling starts at our final two rounds as they are bigger tracks and generally harder to get the cars off the line," Curkpatrick said.

"Also with the inclusion of more Radicals into the line-up this year, we wanted to offer a mix of starts as Radical drivers are used to rolling starts in other championships.

"It is a bit different to have a mixture of starting procedures in a season but that's the way we like it - we need to do things differently, keep evolving and offer our drivers fun and challenging experiences."

Competitor feedback has been positive about the change.

"Rolling starts take away all of the usual stress and loads the cars go through in a standing start and also the risk of cars not getting off the line ... it's also safer at bigger tracks like Phillip Island," Curkpatrick continued.

"At the same time, there are a lot of Sports Racer drivers who have never done one before, so it will be a steep learning curve for them.

"Even so, the competitor feedback has been positive so far ... we have received a few questions about the procedures of course but nothing negative, and most are excited to try something new."

In 2017 the intention from Sports Racer is to continue using a mix of starting procedures.

The Australian Sports Racer Series will hit the Phillip Island circuit on 9-11 September for their penultimate round.