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Sep 10, 2016



Roger I’Anson will attempt to take his tenth race win in a row tomorrow, after taking victory this afternoon at the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit during round four of the 2016 Australian Sports Racer Series.

Second across the line was Aaron Steer in the #27 West Race Cars LMP4, ahead of Peter Johnston, John Morriss and John-Paul Drake.

I’Anson and his #14 Ken’s Exhaust Systems/Rivergraphics West led early before drifting wide at Lukey Heights allowing Aaron Steer to overtake, prompting a race long battle where there was not much between the two before I’Anson pulled off an impressive double switch move to take the lead on the very last lap.

“I got a good start and I felt like I was starting to pull a bit of a gap but then I started pushing at full race pace when the tyres weren’t quite up to temperature and I ran a bit wide up at Lukey Heights, and [Aaron] caught me up through there. He had a good tow down the straight and got the pass done on me, then we had a good battle,” I’Anson said.

“I sort of dropped back a bit after he passed me and then I worked my way back. Our cars are strong and weak in different areas so I was having a bit of trouble but then I was able to catch up to him.

“Coming down the main straight to start the last lap I was able to get my nose up the inside to turn one, he gave me a bit of room and I pushed him a bit wide, and then at turn two I was able to still keep the pressure on by coming under him and making him really unsettled.

“Then I was right in his tow and was able to pull a double switch going into Honda Corner. It actually gets really hard to see when you are so close in the draft as your head is in the turbulence so it wasn’t the most comfortable pass, but I really enjoyed it.

“I don’t know about 10 in a row tomorrow,” laughed I’Anson. “Hopefully we will, we have the speed to do it and if Aaron does get in front we know we can pass him, but who knows what will happen. We might get some rain - that would be good fun, I wouldn’t complain!”

Steer certainly agreed with I’Anson’s thoughts on their battle.

“It was pretty cool - we were pretty close and evenly matched the whole race,” Steer said.

“Roger is a little bit quicker in some corners and I am a bit quicker in other corners, so it is pretty cool fun and we had a fun battle. When I got past Roger I just got a better drive out of Lukey, and when he got me into Honda Corner I broke just a fraction late and I didn’t see him there as my mirrors weren’t adjusted, so the crew are adjusting them now!

"We are just learning here, it is the first time we have been to an aero track with the new LMP4 and it is getting better as we go.”

The race wasn’t without drama, with Turn 2 hosting a bingle between Laucke and Josh Cranston when Laucke turned his West to the left to avoid a slowing Drake, colliding with an overtaking Cranston as a result.

Both racers rejoined down the pack under their own power, with Laucke incurring some slight nose damage. Laucke finished the race in seventh, while Cranston would retire some laps later with engine issues.

Also encountering difficulties in the race was Radical racer Phil Hughes and Jonathon Stoeckel on his comeback.

Hughes was unable to take the start after gearshift issues raised their head when he attempted to leave the dummy grid and Stoeckel sustained engine issues.

All racers expect to return to the track tomorrow for the final two races of the fourth round in the season.