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Nov 13, 2016



After many ups and downs, Roger I’Anson can now breathe a sigh of relief after coming second in the opening race of the final round for the Australian Sports Racer Series at Sydney Motorsport Park – with the result allowing him to lock out the outright title.

This is I’Anson’s third year in the series, with 2015 plagued by issues and 2014 seeing him come within just two points of taking out the title in his first year with the category.

I’Anson finished second from defending champion Mark Laucke, ahead of Josh Cranston and Peter Johnston.

Rounding out the top five outright was Terry Peovitis – who is the current leader of the F1000 title standings.

In the outright and class standings, 38 points are awarded for a race win, 35 for second and 33 for third. From there, the points allocation reduces by one point per place. In addition, one point is awarded to the racer who sets the fastest qualifying lap, as is one point to the racer who sets the fastest lap of the race.

In a twist, at the end of the season all competitors are able to drop their worst two races of the year from their points tally. This means that while on paper I’Anson has a 34 point gap over Johnston with two more races yet to come, after dropping his worst two results (two DNFs from the last round), he is mathematically now unable to be beaten in the race for the outright title.

I’Anson spoke of the relief of locking away the title.

“Hopefully when we do the numbers it shows that it is stitched up ... that would be really good, and we can then just focus on getting race wins,” I’Anson said.

“To lock it away is a massive relief – we have been working a long time to get here and had some bad luck along the way, so to lock one away is just awesome.”

Things although didn’t exactly go to plan with only three laps of racing before a safety car would join the field until the chequered flag flew when Jonathon Stoeckel’s car caught fire after he pulled off the track after losing power.

“It was going well out there today, I was having a good battle with Mark Laucke and he was driving really well, throwing in some good defensive moves and I just couldn’t get through on him," I'Anson said.

"With a couple more laps I think I could have had a good shot, but that is just the way it is. I hope Jonathon’s car is okay, it didn’t look too good."

The podium positions in outright are still up for grabs, with Johnston currently second ahead of John-Paul Drake (SR2 title leader), and Josh Cranston, Laucke and Peovitis all also in the running.

In the F1000 title, the honours are still open, with Peovitis currently leading Cranston by 60 points. Cranston finished third outright today, ahead of fifth placed Peovitis to chip away at Peovitis’ lead ever so slightly.

In the SR2 title and Radical titles, JP-Drake and Peter Johnston have wrapped up the honours respectively courtesy of their points buffer built across the year.